Autism Treatment

Autism-A Congenital Disorder

Autism or Autism Spectral Disorder is the range of neurobehavioural conditions in which a child is characterized by challenges in social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication. Children with autism face troubles in communicating and expressing what they want to and understanding what others think and feel. However, the symptoms appear during the first three years of life while some show signs right from birth itself. Boys develop autism four times more common than girls. The child Neurology center provides the best Autism Treatment In Gurgaon that ensures permanent relief for an autistic child’s symptoms.

Is autism congenital or acquired disease?

As autism runs in families and certain combinations of genes are responsible to instigate autism in a child. There are also risk factors that increase the chance of developing this disease. For instance, the advanced age of mother or father is one of such risk factors of having autism. During pregnancy when a woman is exposed to some toxins or drugs some mutations might happen in the genetic makeup of that baby thus leading to being autistic. The complications associated with delivery can interrupt the processes happening in the brain and hinders the development and function of the brain. Other risk factors include the use of alcohol, metabolic conditions, and disorders in mothers such as diabetes, obesity, and PKU(Phenylketonuria), and the use of antiseizure drugs during pregnancy.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Considering the symptoms and effects of autism, the diagnosis and treatment have to be so intensive and hence the early diagnosis is utmost important.
During initial checkups and visits, the doctors keep an eye on babies early signs that can increase the chance of having autism. They may notice that the child doesn't speak enough or not interested in people or have some unusual activities. If the doctor suspects autism in a child an expert team comprising of a psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and a special education teacher will evaluate a child.
The sooner you take your child for the treatment, the better are the results. As there is no permanent cure treatment can make a big difference. The treatment program focuses on the following things:
- speech therapy to aid with talking and language skills
- occupational therapy to help with everyday tasks, like dressing and playing
- behavioral therapy to improve behavior
- social skills training to help children to mingle with society
- medicine to help with things like sleep, paying attention, and hyperactivity
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